Taxidermy Restoration
Repair  /  Repaint  /  Reconstruction
We do quite a number of taxidermy restoration projects a year. The most popular ones are on fish. This normally involves repairing or replacing broken or missing fins, eyes, etc. We also repair broken or cracked bodies. ( NOTE - we can’t change the shape of a body that wasn’t mounted right to begin with, only restore it back to where it was. )  We do a lot of repainting on mounts that weren’t painted right to begin with, from people that had them from somewhere else, or are old mounts  that have cracked or flaking paint, or in need of being spruced up.

Another popular taxidermy restoration we do is repairing, replacing, or recreating, broken, or missing antler points, or horns.

We don’t have a set pricing for this type of work, because every situation is so different. So in most cases we would need to look over the specimen to approximate a price, or al least be sent some detailed pictures.

Here are a few examples
This sailfish was brought in . with a cracked mouth area, broken tail fin, cracked body paint, and missing dorsal sail fin.
This fish was brought in with a missing pectoral fin, broken pelvic fins, and a cracked body. When I removed the fish to work on it, the old plaster sawdust body fell apart, and poured out the backside. I had to reconstruct it back together. New eyes were installed, and the fish was repainted.
.This sailfish was brought in with a missing bill, and several broken and missing fins.
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Broken tail section
Work in progress.
BEFORE close ups.