Bear Gallery
600 lb. Half Mount  Black Bear
Black Bear Rug
Bear With Fish
Water Scene With Bear Mount
Grizzly Rug
Shoulder Mount Black Bear
Half Mount
Bear Skull
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Here are just a few examples of our work
Full Mount Black Bear (Cinnamon Color) 2005
Half Mount Black Bear 2005
Bear Rug Black Bear ( Brown Phase)
Black Bear Half Mount
Left Turn
Black Bear Rug
Closed Mouth
Black Bear
Shoulder Mount
Left Turn
Closed Mouth
Black Bear Rug
         FFull mount Black Bear mounted 2014.ull ulFF
           Close up of closed mouth Bear Rug.
Chocolate Phase Black Bear Rug, Closed Mouth.
Can see part of underside hand sewn backing with metal hanging rings.
Underside view of Bear Rug.
Hand sewn double felt border, quilt batting fill, heavy backing fabric, and metal rings.
Large Black Bear
Wall Hanging Half Body Mount
Habitat Base

Completed 2015
North Carolina Black Bear, on custom built base. Completed 2015
Black Bear taken by Archery in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in 2020.
Completed 2021. Dried Skull made it into the Pope & Young Record Book.