Deer Gallery
Full Mount Whitetail Deer 2005
Full Mount Axis Deer 1994
Upright Shoulder Mount
Left Turn
Half Mount Right Turn
Wall Mount
Whitetail Deer In Velvet
Whitetail Doe Rug
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Here are just a few examples of our work
Flehmen Open Mouth
Right Turn
Work in progress, in the drying area of our shop.
Whitetail Deer 1/2 mount pedestal, on custom made antler base.
Left Turn Alert Sneak
Doe & Buck Whitetail Combo
Mule DeerAlert Sneak
Left Turn
Whitetail Buck Alert Sneak
Right Turn
W.T.Deer Off-Set  Upright
Left Turn
W.T. Deer Full Sneak
Left Turn
Button Buck
Right Turn
Whitetail Deer
2 W.T. Deer Skull Mounts
Wall Hanging Panels
Top on Oak
Bottom on Walnut
4 Feet, Deer Lamp
W.T. Deer
Right Turn, Alert Sneak
Whitetail Doe
Left Turn
Buck in Alert Sneak Pose, left turn, ears forward. on panel.
Road Kill Whitetail Deer in velvet.
(Had Permit )
W.T. Buck
W.T. Deer Full Sneak pose.
Whitetail Deer
Upright Straight, Ears Alert Forwardl
Mounted  2012text.
Whitetail Buck
Off-set Upright, Facing Left, Ears Back
Mounted  2012
oFallow Deer
Semi-sneak, Right Turn, Ears Back
              Mounted 2012 add text.
eW.T. Deer
Off-set Upright, Turned Left, EarsForward t
Mounted 2012
dd text.
CliBuck ,Semi-sneak, Off-set Shoulder, Right Turn 2012
Upright, Facing Right
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Tim Beck's Deer
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