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Mountain Lion
Badger Rug
Beaver Full Mount
Mink Full Mount
Drying Area
Here are just a few examples of our work
Texas Bobcat 2005
Bobcat Rug
Fox Squirrel Full Mount
climbing  up
Raccoon Full Mounts
Raccoon Rug
Quilting material being added to underside
Underside finished
Piebald Fox Squirrel climbing up pose
on artificial knot tree casting.
Squirrel Climbing down pose.
Full body Beaver .
Badger Full Mount
NOTE - see more coyotes and fox in the Canine Gallery.
Albino Raccoon
Mink standing
Weasel standing
Who's that knocking at my door ?

Virginia Bobcat & Fox Squirrel

Mounted 2013
British Columbia, Canada Mountain Lion. Completed 2020.