We do except specimens to be mounted , from destinations within the Continental United States.

We except whole frozen fish for mounting

Mammal skins that have been properly skinned, fleshed, and salt dried           with fine non-iodized feed salt, or skins already commercially tanned.
     Can be shipped frozen in some cases. Call

All specimens must be tagged by you preferably on an index card with the       following readable information.

Legal signature
Name printed
Full home address of residence
The name of specimen and what parts are included
The date you obtained the specimen
The method for which you obtained the specimen
      County and State of where specimen was obtained.
Your hunting or fishing license number, or tag, or confirmation number.

List any mounting or positioning information on the back of the card.  If
you have photos of your fish, or reference pictures you would want it               painted like, include copies with your shipment.


Only ship on a Monday of a non-holiday week after prearrangement, to           make sure there is no weekend hold overs.

All shipping cost must be prepaid by you at the time of shipping.

All properly fleshed and salt dried mammal skins, or commercially tanned        skins, can be sealed in a corrugated box, and shipped at anytime after            prearranging with us.

Whole fish must be frozen solid first.  Do not gut.  Normally 2-3 days in a freezer set at below zero degrees.  Freeze with the mouth closed, and fins folded against the body.  Place in a plastic bag.Squeeze the air out of the bag, and tie shut.  Place this bag within 1-2 more bags, and tie shut as well.  (Optional to place an old wet towel around the fish at the time of freezing.)  Place the frozen bagged fish in a good corrugated box.  Pack around the fish with crumpled paper or packing peanuts, filling the box tightly. (It is optional to first line the 6 inside walls of the box with cut styrofoam sheets.)  Seal all outside seams of the box, with shipping tape. Ship by UPS Ground Service if you are close enough for it to arrive here within 2 days.  (If you have dry ice available in your area, and place a hunk in the box with your fish, you can ship by UPS Ground Service, if it can get to us within 4 days.)  If you don't have access to dry ice, or you live to far for it to arrive here by UPS Ground Service within 2 days, then it needs to be shipped by UPS 2nd Day Service.

We will E-mail or mail you a message when we receive your specimen.

There will be a shipping and handling charge added to the taxidermy               cost, to ship the finished mount back to you.  This fee will be discussed in       the prearrangement.

Thank You for considering our service, and we look forward to doing business with you.
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