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            My name is Robert A. Taylor, and I go by Robert or Bob.  I was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I graduated from Elmhurst High School in Fort Wayne , receiving the PAT BIR  AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN ART.  Then I attended the American Institute of Taxidermy in Janesville, Wisconson, ran by John Rinehart and graduated in 1977.  Shortly thereafter, I was offered to run the Rinehart Studio, as Rinehart was looking to separate his school from his studio.  I chose to stay in this area with the people I knew.  I became licensed, and started my business in the fall of 1977, in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I have made Taxidermy and Art my life.  Over the years, my business has been listed by different, but similar names, such as TAYLOR TAXIDERMY - TAYLOR TAXIDERMY STUDIO - TAYLOR STUDIO OF TAXIDERMY - TAYLOR STUDIO - TAYLOR STUDIO OF TAXIDERMY AND ART.  All of these names, while slightly different, have all been the same, ran and operated by me.  I moved my business slightly southeast of Fort Wayne, in the fall of 1996, where the business is currently being ran, in Ossian, IN.
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                                      Robert  A. Taylor
We are a FULL TIME TAXIDERMY STUDIO, licensed, and in business, since 1977.

600 lb., 3/4 mount black bear
2005 Full Mount Black Bear
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Tim Beck's Deer
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